DESPITE the huge popularity of the band's debut album Twelve Stops and Home, The Feeling's follow up, Join With Us fails to reach the high expectations that their oustanding first CD brought.

With a series of all-too-familiar sounding songs, the CD doesn't have the instant appeal that their hit song, Love It When You Call had.

Admittedly, growing fonder of the album after a few listens, the already released single I Thought It Was Over shows proof that the band that conquered the music scene in 2006 haven't died.

Tracks like Turn Me Up make the listener question whether the band have joined forces with glam-pop star Mika for the upbeat song.

The lyrics of lost love and romance are not lost though, with I Thought It Was Over being based on a lovely story set around the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Despite not being able to shout from the rooftops about the second album, it is clear that The Feeling's doting fans will continue their ever-present following.