REVEREND and the Makers visited Warrington's Parr Hall on February 25 to give what was a memorable gig.

They thrilled a sold-out Parr Hall with an energetic set that ended with a surprise acoustic set in Queen's Gardens opposite.

Such hits as Heavyweight Champion of the World and Open your Window were belted out and impressed the revellers no end. The lead singer, or The Reverend' to his fans, kept the audience entertained with political rhymes in between songs.

The band rounded off their indoors set with one of their most popular hits, the vibrant He said he loved me, which left the audience buzzing and ready for more, and they weren't disappointed.

The Reverend announced that everyone should go outside as he was going to play an acoustic set.

The crowd assembled in Queen's Gardens where the Reverend played songs, including his own Miss Brown, an Oasis hit and I shot the Sheriff. The fans didn't even seem to mind the rain.

Hannah Samuels, who was at the gig, said: "The whole gig was amazing. The outside acoustic set was original and exciting, the rain even added to the atmosphere!"

I hope successful gigs like this will bring even more big names to the Parr Hall. Maybe even, one day, The Reverend and the Makers will return.