A VIOLENT Birchwood man who beat up his wife and threw a toaster at her has walked free from court.

After an argument with his spouse, Neil Belcher grabbed her head and banged it several times against the wall.

But he was handed a suspended sentence after being told to ‘get a grip’ of himself by magistrates.

Belcher, of Ringwood Close in Birchwood, appeared before Warrington Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to ABH and two counts of assault.

Prosecuting, Jessica Foy told the court how 48-year-old Belcher attacked his wife after an argument that began over his drinking.

Ms Foy said how Belcher then made comments that he was going to get a knife from the kitchen and harm himself which prompted the victim to stand in the doorway to prevent him from doing so.

Belcher than grabbed her by the head and banged it several times against the wall.

The court heard how she had cuts behind her head from where his fingernails and dug in.

Warrington Guardian:

The defendant was taken to Warrington Hospital for treatment after the incident.

When the victim spoke to police, she told them how on a previous occasion in January Belcher had grabbed her with both of his hands and shook her violently.

Another incident in March saw Belcher throw a toaster and mobile phone at his wife.

Ms Foy told the court how Belcher, formerly of Bewsey, has previous convictions of battery and criminal damage for an incident involving an Asda security guard.

Defending, Gary Schooler revealed how his client was ‘heavily’ under the influence of alcohol at the time – which he had not consumed for a number of years.

He said Belcher left his job years ago to care for his elderly parents before both of them died.

“He said that during this time he was finding it difficult to sleep and he slipped in to the habit of regularly drinking to try and get him off at night,” Mr Schooler said.

“This is a pattern of behaviour which has occurred over the years and has worsened.”

The court heard how since the ABH offence, Belcher has acknowledged that he has a drinking problem and has not touched alcohol since.

Mr Schooler added: “Hopefully this is the last time he ever appears before the court.”

Concluding, chair of the magistrates bench Michael Danaher said: “You have three serious charges against you.

“We have taken your guilty pleas into account but we are concerned about the escalation of violence.

“You are going to have to get a grip of yourself.”

Belcher was handed a 12-month community order in which he must complete up to 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 100 hours of unpaid work.

He must also undergo an alcohol treatment requirement programme for six months and pay court costs of £85 with a surcharge of £95.