MEMBERS of Stockton Heath gym have rallied together to support a cause extremely close to their hearts.

The Bayse Fitness Club team, based on London Road, has raised more than £1,000 for St Rocco’s Hospice - who a member’s wife received ‘invaluable support’ from after she was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 bowel cancer.

Russ Scanlon’s wife Debbie was first diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in May 2020 and was told that she had between 18 months and two years to live.

Having suffered from endometriosis for many years, she had been due to undergo a hysterectomy.

Warrington Guardian: Debbie ScanlonDebbie Scanlon

But scans beforehand revealed masses in her bowel, pancreas and lungs.

Although she later underwent surgery to remove several tumours following chemotherapy, her health sadly declined.

In September 2021 it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her bone, and after Debbie collapsed at home in November last year doctors found three further brain tumours.

She died in Russ’ arms on December 18, aged 48, after developing a blood clot.

As a family, the Scanlon’s, who are from Winwick, have raised more than £12,000 for Bowel Cancer UK and The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

As well as this, they raised £25,000 for The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity with a legacy event called DEBruary 2022.

Russ said: “Our lives will never be the same again, we miss her so much.

“We are now making it our mission to raise awareness of bowel cancer and help fund vital research and treatment so hopefully one day no other family has to go through what we have.”

Warrington Guardian:

Now along with the Bayse team, a further £1,053 has been raised for St Rocco’s.

Russ and 19 others from Bayse Fitness Club took part in the Dragon Boat Race and all trained at the London Road venue prior to the event.

The race went ‘really well’ and was a great team bonding experience for the group of 20.

Other various fundraising events were carried about by Bayse members.

To donate to Bayse’s fundraising efforts, visit: