A FAMILY-RUN bakery in Stockton Heath is now open.

Butter Wouldn’t Melt on London Road opened last month and it sells cake, brunch, lunch and a range of drinks.

Owner Caitlin Wilson, 25, has got her family involved to help out initially and she has labelled the welcome from residents and businesses as ‘amazing’.

“The reception has been amazing. It’s better than what we expected,” said Caitlin.

“It’s a pretty big thing to have my own business so I’m proud of that.

“Reliability is the big thing when you can do it with your family.

“We work well with each other, rely on each other and trust each other so I love working with my family – most of the time,” joked Caitlin, a Stretton resident.

“Initially we will settle in but it’s definitely something that we want to expand.”


They offer many different types of cakes as well as brunch and lunch items

They offer many different types of cakes as well as brunch and lunch items

The team inside the shop

The team inside the shop


Mum Eleanor Wilson, who owns The Bake House in Runcorn and aunty Georgia Devine are also playing their part.

Eleanor, also based in Stretton added: “Caitlin’s been doing the baking for us for the past six years and we were looking for an opportunity for her to take the baking away from The Bake House and for her to set up her own thing.

“She’s Warrington born and bred so she wanted to set something up in Warrington.

“It’s a bit of a family affair as me and my sister are helping her while we are in the early days.

“It’s taken us quite a long time to get it to where we are now. It’s a nice place to be in a nice, bright and cheery environment.

“We’re really pleased with the final product.

“The nicest thing has been that all of the other businesses locally have all been really supportive.

“We have got a really nice set of regulars already so that was quite a surprise.”


One of their stunning cakes

One of their stunning cakes