WARRINGTON featured on a popular Channel 5 series last night, Monday.

Burtonwood Services made an appearance on Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders – a show which allows viewers to ride along with officers.

A section of last night’s showing featured PC Amy Hollis patrolling the A557 near Runcorn before she was asked to attend an incident in Warrington that involved reports of a woman trying to cross the motorway with two small children.

A 999 call was made by a HGV driver who was driving east on the M62.

“There’s a car broken down on the central reservation next to a concrete wall,” he said.

“However, I saw a lady with two small children and it looks like she is going to cross the M62 on foot.”

PC Hollis was asked to attend the scene.

Activating her emergency equipment, she said: “We do actually quite often attend incidents where pedestrians do try and cross the live lanes.

“People are seriously injured, if not killed, by doing that.

“And unfortunately we have been to some pretty horrible jobs involving pedestrians on the motorway.

“It is just so dangerous, it’s the most dangerous place to be.”

When PC Hollis arrived, there were three small children along with a man and woman at the side of the motorway.

Their car had had a ‘blowout’, which had left them stranded between four busy lanes of the motorway junction.

When asked if she had attempted to cross the motorway by PC Hollis, the woman said no.

She told the cameras: “I didn’t know where is the best place to stand because there is traffic coming from both ways I just don’t feel safe anywhere really.”

After being told the recovery time was estimated at around three hours, the officer and her colleague offered to take the family to a nearby service station – which was Burtonwood.

It was then revealed that the M62 is one of the ten most dangerous hard shoulders in the UK.

To catch up on last night’s episode, visit My5 here.