THIS week in Yester Years, we are sharing memories of the Star Kinema.

The picture house in Howley was much loved and closed in 1958.

It opened in 1914 with 650 seats and was among the most popular picture houses in town.

The Apple Court care home now stands on the site and it was later Catteralls DIY.

It was known as the cheapest cinema in town.

Ian Cameron, from Appleton, said: “During the late 40s and early 50s my brother and I, with some friends, enjoyed going to the Star Kinema on a Saturday afternoon.

“It was 7d up the stairs and 5d down the side entry.

“We watched a feature film and shorts but what we liked most were the serials Flash Gordon, Superman, Tarzan and Hopalong Cassidy.

“We were mesmerized and at the end of the show, 200 or more kids aged between seven and 14 flew out of the Kinema down the front steps.

“In those day there was not a lot of traffic.

“God help us if was today’s traffic, we would all have been killed!


The old Star Kinema

The old Star Kinema

“We all made our way to St Elphin’s Parish Church cemetery and played out all that we had just watched in the Kinema.

“I was always Tarzan, my sister was Jane and my brother Gordon was the chimp because he was small.

“We even took jam jars to gain entry in the 40s.”

Another reader said“I went from being quite small to my teenage years when a group of kids used to go.

“There was never any trouble. We all sat together and laughed and cried at the films.

‘What lovely memories to look back on. What will the kids of today have?’

“This was early 50s. In those days the films changed three times a week and we always enjoyed them.

“It was sixpence down for the entry as we used to say.

“What lovely memories to look back on what will the kids of today have?”