AN award-winning actor will host classes promoting male mental fitness.

Darren Jeffries, a former Hollyoaks actor, will be rolling out the classes with his Cultural Quarter creative company Ludovico.

The drama workshops are set to be fun, informal and confidence-boosting sessions for men and they last for six weeks.

There will be two sets of independent courses, the first starting on Thursday, July 28, based at the Old School Project on Fairfield Street.

“I’m extremely proud to be holding these sessions and what I would like to stress is that there is absolutely no acting experience necessary for these,” said Darren Jeffries.

“They are all about working in a group, building confidence, building self-esteem and having fun.

“We’re providing these classes to men who might be going through a tough time at the moment or might be using mental health services in Warrington.

“We’d like to reduce isolation, encourage teamwork and communication.

“It’s a pressure free environment, all that is needed is an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

“There are probably men out there thinking ‘this is definitely not for me’ but I think those are the ones who might surprise themselves.

“It’s a really productive and collaborative environment and I think the work we do produces real camaraderie.”

The sessions promote male mental fitness

The sessions promote male mental fitness

The classes – funded by Warrington Voluntary Action – will involve looking at a set of scripts from TV shows and films and giving them a try.

It will involve some drama, some comedy but the main focus is having fun.

Darren, who has been teaching acting classes in town for a few years now, added: “The main thing that people take away from what we do isn’t necessarily the performance side of it, it’s more so the confidence and feel-good factor that it brings afterwards.”

“I’ve spoken to students over the years – some have had their own mental health challenges – who have said that these type of sessions put a real spring in their step.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, try something different and also tap into a bit of creativity.

“You can turn up to these classes full of nerves but its amazing how quickly these nerves disappear.

“You can get out of it whatever you like.”

Classes are £2 and more information can be found at