SUNG with maturity and sounding smooth yet funky, this band from Stockton Heath have released their debut single and it could be the start of something special.

The Raymonds comprise Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form students Finn Richards, on vocals and guitarist Max Morrow.

Priestley College’s Evan O’Toole and James Lynchehaun are on bass and drums respectively.

And for their debut single, the band has been inspired by some of their childhood influences – the main one they wish to point out being Viola Beach.

“Without them, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now,” said Finn.

“They are a massive inspiration for all of us as they came from Warrington and they had a certain mood and atmosphere about them – a good vibe – and you could hear it and it was quite uplifting.

“That’s the main thing we want to take about from their music – the uplifting, feel-good tunes.

“The debut single is a massive deal for us.

“We are all 17 or 18 and I don’t think any of us were under the impression that we would be releasing music this early on, especially as a band.”

In terms of the sound of the record, Finn attributes some of this influence to Jamiroquai, Prince, The Beatles and Harry Styles.

The band have also been experimenting with the song in live gigs over recent months to get to the final version.

The 17-year-old continued: “As we all sat down together, wrote the song and made it what it is. A lot of the influences named all added something.

“For example Evan was inspired by Duran Duran’s basslines because we have played Girls On Film a lot at gigs and he took what he learned from playing that song and implementing it into how he played the bassline for this song.”

Following the band’s first gig at the Saracens Head on Wilderspool Causeway and after a Christmas break, they have had a hectic few months and now they are playing even Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool.

Finn added: “We got booked at the Hoop and Mallet, then went back to the Saracens Head, then did Blu Bar and that really set us up as we were then one of the first band’s to play at the Pyramid Basement.

“After that, all of these opportunities started to come.”

And how does being able to boast a debut single so early in the band’s career feel?

They may feel it feels strange perhaps, but I am sure they will be used to it in no time given the way they are going.

“The idea of being a musician and part of a band feels almost alien to us.

“It’s something I don’t think any of us appreciated and understood until now we are here with our debut single.

“It’s almost daunting but we can’t help but look forward to what is coming because the band and the singles are only going to get better.

“This single is a marker to say ‘this is what The Raymonds are about and what they will produce going forward’ and hopefully they are all in for it.”

The band is next in action at Lymm Beer Festival tomorrow, Saturday.

Nights With You is out on Spotify and Apple Music.