HAPPY Monday’s Bez will be on the decks at what is being labelled as a ‘weird and wonderful night out’ coming to Warrington.

Bada Bingo, said to be a ‘new alternative night out in Warrington', will be a ‘wild party’ at Buzz Bingo and The Slots Room at Cockhedge Shopping Park on Friday, September 30.

The night out wants you to forget Instagram flower walls and neon signs, and encourages living in the moment and letting your hair down.

This bingo rave is set in an old-school bingo hall but there is a twist. The lights are down, the music is loud, there is confetti and flashing lights.

There will be rave rounds, mass singalongs, confetti showers, and dance-offs where you can win prizes such as an inflatable cabbage costume.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “At Bada Bingo we are devoted to creating an experience that will have you laughing for days. We are all about creating a safe space for people to come and let their hair down, and live and laugh in the moment.

“We want to offer an alternative night out that is far from your ‘Instragrammable’ destinations. We want people to leave with confetti in their hair and a story worth telling, rather than a picture for their Instagram.”

Tickets start from £10 at www.designmynight.com/uk/whats-on/clubbing/bada-bingo-presents-xxxxxxwarrington?t=62bf04d2e1ff120a0a418e72


Bez will be DJing at the event

Bez will be DJing at the event