AFTER reading The Godfather and being inspired, an author from Cinnamon Brow took up the challenge of writing a book.

And now four years on, Isobel Wycherley has a trilogy of books out with the latest named ‘The Dons of Warrington’.

“I always have enjoyed writing and writing a book is something I’ve always wanted to try,” said Isobel.

“I thought I had something that I would enjoy writing about and gave it a go.

“And with The Dons of Warrington, it gets a new rating every day and most of them are fives.”

The latest book is based on two twin sisters that cause a stir when they unite with the Italian Mafia family operating in Manchester - the exact family their father, DC Tim Shelley, is tailing.

They are sent on missions by Don Fontana and try to make a name for themselves in the criminal underworld with the police hot on their tail.

The former Culcheth High School and Priestley College student had also read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which also helped her on her journey to creating the book.

“I thought about doing something similar to that because the first one is about a murder and I keep going on with the story and expanded it while I was doing it," continued the 22-year-old.

“The characters are the easiest part and then you think what would be interesting and keep the story going.

"I wrote my first one and self-published it and this author wrote me a review saying it was one of the most original things she has ever read so I sent it off to a few publishers and they really liked it.

“It’s definitely my biggest achievement."