IF you haven’t heard about Binley Mega Chippy, where have you been?

Of course, we are joking as not everyone will have seen it, but there is a good chance the song will ring a bell or one of your kids has been playing or singing it religiously.

The Coventry chippy has gone viral for its catchy jingle and well-thought of chips but we reckon Warrington has a chippy that can outdo it.

Sitting in Latchford on Knutsford Road at the traffic lights, you can see it peeking out from the corner of Thelwall Lane.

And there sits Fish Net – the recent winner of the Best of Fish and Chips award as voted by Guardian readers.

If they got a chunk of the votes – given how many good chippies Warrington has – they must be special.

So, we put them to the test to see if Fish Net can reach the mega chippy heights.

Looking on their website, one of the best sellers is the salt and pepper chips that come with onions and chilli and they were very good – a nice way of getting a bit of spice in your life.

But of course, we had to go for what they won the award for, their Fish and Chips.

The well-sized fish was crispy on the outside yet succulent on the inside.

@warringtonguardian Voted by readers as the best in town, we just had to try it🤩 and we think it can rival the Mega Chippy! 🐟🍟 #binleymegachippy #fishnet ♬ original sound - Warrington Guardian

And joined by some gravy, the chips were tasty and with one bite, you can easily see why they are so highly rated by residents.

And unlike what you often find, salt and vinegar were well proportioned across the chips so they were not drowning in it.

We even tried the chips with the faultless curry sauce – separate to the gravy, now that is a given.

Finally, the mushy peas – a staple on the side of a chippy – were of the perfect texture to accompany our meal.

Rather than travelling two hours up the M6 to take to Coventry’s chippy, we bet you could be just as happy or even happier staying close to home at Fish Net.