THOUSANDS are without electricity this morning, Friday, after a power cut has hit homes in Latchford and other areas of town.

First reported at around 10.30am, the power shortages are affecting those living in some WA1, WA4 and WA5 postcodes.

Scottish Power Energy Network engineers have arrived on site and are expecting power to be stored by 12.45pm.

A spokesperson said: “We had no advance warning of this and first became aware of it at 10.32am.

“Our engineers have arrived on site and will work to restore your electricity supply as quickly and as safely as possible.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

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Some postcodes affected include: WA11DG, WA141PQ, WA27TG, WA4, WA41AU, WA41AZ, WA41BA, WA41BB, WA41BD, WA41BE, WA41BG, WA41BH, WA41BJ, WA41BQ, WA41DA, WA41DG, WA41DJ, WA41DN, WA41DP, WA41DR, WA41DU, WA41DW, WA41DX, WA41DZ, WA41EA, WA41EB, WA41ED, WA41EE, WA41EF, WA41EG, WA41EH, WA41EJ, WA41EL, WA41EP, WA41EQ, WA41ER, WA41ES, WA41ET, WA41EU, WA41EW, WA41EX, WA41EY, WA41E