HOWEVER low you go, the story of this artist from Great Sankey shows that you can still turn your life around.

Graham Williamson is releasing his second single – and this time it is dedicated to the hospital staff who saved his life after a battle with alcoholism.

Ever since releasing his debut song, 'Jodie’s ticket to ride’ as Escapee, Graham has been writing and working on ‘75’, which will come out in August.

It is a song dedicated to Warrington General Hospital staff who took Graham in on a night in 2010 when he walked from Salford – where he was living – to Warrington and it was in the hospital he realised he was going to change his direction.

“I was taken in and they looked after me for a couple of nights and something happened in that hospital which changed me forever,” said Graham.

“If they hadn’t had looked after me that night, I don’t think I’d be alive and there would definitely be no Escapee.

“The humanity and care I received was fantastic. I will never be able to repay them.

“I came out of the hospital a changed man.”

The song is named ‘75’ and came about after Graham was playing about with a bassline by Peter Hook.


Graham Williamson has transformed his life in the last decade

Graham Williamson has transformed his life in the last decade


The 51-year-old continued: “The single is a celebration of life.

“I built a song around the bassline.

“The name 75 is about a drinks machine selection because me and my workmate in Manchester used to get each other a drink.

“I’d get a brew and he would say ‘get me a number 75 with all the cack’ which means a 75 with extra milk, sugar and froth and I thought I will use it in a song. It’s just working-class, northern language.”

After his first single was released, Graham was then recognised across the town several times.

“It’s hard to put into words. I was going into shops in Warrington and getting recognised.

“My whole family was proud and my family got positive feedback too which was great.

“The transformation has been immense.”