WARRINGTON Borough Council has responded to the chaos on Grange Avenue - which includes motorists driving on the pavement to get passed newly installed road blockers.

Since planters were put in place on Tuesday, June 21, the busy Latchford route has seen hundreds of vehicles having to turn around in the middle of the road due to the closure.

But some drivers have decided to ignore the planters and have driven onto the pavement to get around them, while others have used them as a parking point.

And to the concern of a local business owner, some vehicles – including wagons – are even using a nearby car park which is often full of children to make a U-turn.

When the Warrington Guardian asked WBC about these issues, they said the bypassing of the modal filters (planters) will not be possible once the scheme is fully installed at the end of the week.


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A WBC spokesperson replied with the following:

•            The schemes are currently being installed, and are not yet complete. They will be completed this week.

•            Advanced directional signage has been considered is being installed this week.

•            Issues around bypassing of filters have been considered in the design. This will not be possible once installation is complete.

•            Turning within the mouth of the filter has also been considered in the design, to allow drivers to safely make this manoeuvre. We expect the frequency of this move to significantly reduce once drivers establish new alternative routes.

•            All designs have undergone an independent Road Safety Audit.

•            Sat Nav providers have been informed and we are waiting for their systems to be updated.

•            Cheshire Police have been consulted throughout the development of the project and will be enforcing any contraventions.

•            This is a trial scheme and we are open to making improvements to the scheme based upon local feedback.


There is also an opportunity for residents to leave feedback by following the advice below:

Ongoing Public Feedback

"Following an initial period, a comprehensive engagement process will be carried out with local residents and businesses. This will include a detailed survey process, to help us gauge the level of support and changes in the local environment.  Further information on this will be provided in the coming weeks. The evidence and feedback collected will be used in parallel with any formal representations to inform a decision as to whether the scheme will be made permanent or not."


Formal Representations

"Anyone who wishes to make a formal representation on the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) should email or write to us using the contact details below. Further details can be found online at warrington.gov.uk/permanent-traffic-regulation-orders. In your representation, you should clearly and concisely state your support or objection for the scheme alongside any evidence or reasoning for your position."

Email: WestyCentral6TrafficScheme@warrington.gov.uk 

Post: LTN Trial, Town Hall, Sankey Street, Warrington, WA1 1UH


General Enquiries

For general enquiries, please contact eatf@warrington.gov.uk  or write to:

Central 6 Streets Plan

Transport for Warrington

East Annexe, Town Hall

Sankey Street