WARRINGTON Borough Council’s leader says he does not see any ‘justification’ for pausing a controversial plan for streets in Westy.

The council revealed a series of proposed changes to roads in the Orford and Westy areas last month as part of its Central 6 Streets Plan.

However, following major opposition to the plans it made a U-turn. It has ‘paused’ the implementation of its Orford low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) after fierce criticism of the scheme – although it is proceeding as planned in Westy.

A protest against the plans took place outside the Parr Hall on Monday, ahead of the full council meeting at the site.

The town’s Conservatives, the Opposition group on the council, put forward a motion on the LTN schemes at the meeting.

The motion called for a range of matters, including a call for the council to halt the implementation of the LTN trials trial in Westy.

Cllr Mark Jervis, Conservative, proposed the motion.

He said the recent U-turn by the council leader on not starting the implementation of the low traffic neighbourhood in Orford was welcomed, but that it was ‘only half of what was needed’.

He called for a U-turn on the Westy LTN.

Furthermore, he said LTNs are a Government scheme and one which his group supports, if they are properly considered and implemented.

Cllr Jervis stated that the council leader and cabinet have got the LTN aspect of the Central Six plan wrong.

He said the process has been ‘flawed from the outset’.

The politician added that ‘everybody yearns for’ better, cleaner and safer streets as he emphasised that is not in dispute.,

But he said the ‘real question’ is whether the Orford and Westy schemes deliver better, cleaner streets and whether the consultation showed that. He said the consultation ‘did not do that’.

Council leader Cllr Russ Bowden said the Tory Government is ‘pushing’ LTNs and is providing the funding through active travel programme in order to implement LTNs.

He added the Government expects local authorities to play their part in tackling the climate emergency and that LTNs are ‘key to that’.

Cllr Bowden said he will always listen to people.

He added: “We’ve got the pause on Orford, I don’t see any justification for a pause at this stage on Westy.”

The motion did not get passed as it failed to get enough support.