TODAY saw the installation of planters in Latchford and Westy as the controversial Central 6 Streets Plan comes into place which campaigners believe will ‘cause bedlam’ to roads in the area.

The changes are part of Warrington Borough Council’s Central 6 Streets Plan which aims to reduce vehicle traffic and improve conditions for those walking, cycling and living along the streets.

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The plan started yesterday and means the Westy ‘low traffic neighbourhood’ will largely comprise of a series of ‘modal filters’.

Warrington Guardian:

WBC describes these as ‘effectively being point-closures that restrict vehicular traffic from accessing a particular street’.

They are now in place on Grange Avenue - south of the junction with Westy Lane – restricting access along the whole road and effectively cutting it in two.

And there have already been hundreds of vehicles having to make U-turns this morning when getting to the blocked-off road.

Despite a peaceful protest being held yesterday evening, Monday, outside Parr Hall where a council meeting was held, the plan has still gone ahead.

Warrington Guardian:

Many residents in the area were ‘upset’ as they believed there was no consultation for the plan.

One resident, Steph Jones, said prior to the plan coming into place: “It is going to cause absolute bedlam for all of the businesses in the area and also residents.”

And today, a local businessman told the Warrington Guardian how he has concerns about the impact the plan will have on his business was well as the safety of children.

Carl Waldron is a steward at Grange Sports and Social Club and lives on site.

He is worried that the car park for the club, which can fit between 40-50 cars at a time and is often full of children - will be used as a U-turn.

Warrington Guardian: The steward of The Grange Sports and Social is worried that the car park will be used as a U-turnThe steward of The Grange Sports and Social is worried that the car park will be used as a U-turn

“My main concern is that my island in the car park is going to be used as a U-turn,” he said.

“When it comes to around 5pm we do have a lot of children using the 3G pitch and the outfields.

“I think it is an accident waiting to happen.

“You only have to get one idiot coming in here and screeching round to get back out – and they could cause an accident.”

Carl said that since standing around this morning, he has seen at least one hundred cars having to turn round at the planters – which are next to the entrance to his car park.

He added: “I even had one person asking me how he can access his house as he lives on Grange Avenue.

“This definitely needs to be lifted.

“And what we are seeing now is going to impact our business.”

Another resident asked: “Whose great idea was this?”

While another said: “This is absolutely pathetic.”