ALTHOUGH the changes to Orford roads under the Central 6 Streets plan have been paused, they came into place in Westy today, Monday.

Residents in the area believe that their opinions on the scheme should be listened to more by the council.

So they are resorting to a peaceful protest this evening outside Parr Hall from 5.30pm where a council meeting will be taking place.

Here’s what Warrington Guardian readers had to say about the controversial plans in West and Latchford:

Wait till the swing bridge is off too.

Sean Sergent

This is how WBC waste our money.

Pam Healey

Nobody knows about the changes as there was no public consultation. But apparently that’s ok?!

Andrea Lowrie

So all the traffic will have to go through Latchford and with the swing bridge and traffic is already bad so that'll be even worse and to get to the petrol station or the garage next door you'll have to go round the one-way system! Yeah great idea!

Giddy Crystal

Traffic on Kingsway is going to be horrendous, it's already awful as it is.

Tom Murphy

For me to now get to my house just off Grange Avenue I will now have to drive all the way around to the junction at Cheshire Cheese to access my road! Makes no sense at all.

Julie Murphy

It’s a joke! They spent £20m on a bridge on one side of the town and now close roads on the other side. Kingsway is going to be a joke! And I can’t wait to see it when the bridge is off too.

Rick Bowen

At least no wagons can go down Grange Avenue at speeds over the humps that make my house vibrate. I’m happy.

Mark Reid

Madness at its best.

Christine Whatman was Withnall