A NIGHTCLUB in Warrington Town Centre is set to host the town's first "Pride Party."

Trilogy Nightclub, which opened in September last year, says a themed night like this has never been hosted in Warrington Town Centre before, and the club wants to change this, as an "all-inclusive" institution.

The themed party will take place on Friday 24th June, and will help to raise funds for the LGBT Foundation.

Throughout the evening, there will be entertainment provided by drag acts and live dancers, as well as there being giveaways on the night, too.

There will also be glitter stands in the nightclub, as well as beer pong.

The club is combining these events with its "traffic light system," which allows guests to allocate a red, yellow, or green sticker, depending on their relationship status.

Trilogy Nightclub says it wants to create "an environment that feels welcoming and safe.

"All ages are welcome (18+), and those of any sexuality."

The nightclub said: "A party/night of this such has never been thrown in Warrington town centre before."

This years marks 50 years since the first Pride march in the UK, which took place in 1972 in London.