WE all know Warrington does some of the best pies and pastries in the country.

Thousands of you nominated your favourite pie shop or seller last month for our award and now we have a new stall in town to add to the array of lovely options across the town.

Gourmet Jay sells gourmet rolls, pork pies and pasties. The businesses started retailing at Altrincham Market 18 months ago and having done makers markets in Warrington, owner Jason Walker felt there was a home for them here too.

“The feedback we got at the market was really good and we were well received so we thought we would get a permanent home in Warrington and there is no better place than the Golden Square,” said Jason.

“It was a perfect fit.

“I’m so pleased with the reception we have had from everyone – I couldn’t be happier.”

He sells items from bakery in Doncaster which also supply Selfridges, Booths and Harrods

The 44-year-old continued: “The quality is exactly the same and we have now become one of the bakery’s biggest customers based on what we buy on a weekly basis.

“I’m quite proud of that when you’re mixing with them brands.”

So, how do they fair?

We tried five of Jay’s suggested offerings and this is what we thought.

First up the caramelised onion and sausage roll, an upgrade on the usual roll with some lovely bits flavours coming through. Would have it again.

The pork and stilton sausage roll– for someone that isn’t overly mad on cheese – went down well as the sprinkles of cheese on the pastry and the layer around the meat added to the flavour nicely.

The vegan apple and sage roll is a solid alternative to the sausage roll – even more apple shining through would make it even nicer.

A corned beef and potato roll followed which was lovely. It is a roll that has the potential to be dry or soggy and instead cooked beautifully.

They say save the best until last, so we will. The smoky chorizo pork pie was outrageously good and we would recommend this every day of the week. The flavour burst out of the pie and every bite got better.