A FEARNHEAD rapper has continued his quest to put Warrington on the map in the rap scene by releasing his new album ‘Golden Gates’.

The album took Jack Roberts, known as JUNIOR after his initials, two years to put together.

It features the rap ‘Golden Gates’ that has a video filmed around the town centre and is dedicated to Viola Beach as well as the victims of the Warrington bombings, Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball.

“I saw the bands journey and it’s a very similar trajectory to where I’m trying to go," said Jack.

"It’s so tragic and it really hit me.

“I followed the story closely and if there is anything I can do to keep that legacy alive especially doing music in Warrington, then it’s the least I could do filming it around town.

“With the bombing, my dad was there and you hear stories about it and it’s so tragic too.

“You want to bring that spirit of Warrington with the music as so much of it is about the town.”


JUNIOR also filmed outside the Haliwell Jones Stadium

JUNIOR also filmed outside the Haliwell Jones Stadium


The tracks are based on his experience of growing up in the town but also his development in the music industry so far.

The 19-year-old continued: “It’s more of a personal diary and a collection of my creative ideas. It all stems from what you know, your environment and I’ve tried to integrate that within some of the tracks."

Given he is self-taught from his room, Jack says he can be very proud of what he has achieved so far in helping to boost Warrington’s rap scene.

“It’s massively important to provide that representation,” added Jack.

“It doesn’t matter if people are young or old, if people can resonate with it being from the area then that gives me immense pride.

“It’s just my art and what I have created. Arts value is dependent on how people perceive it so if it gets people into the genre or people that are already interested in the genre can resonate with it then that is another goal I’ve achieved.”

JUNIOR's music can be found here.