AS St. Rocco’s Fashion, Food and Fizz event is fast approaching, we got the models perspective on why they have taken on the task.

The event, taking place at 7pm on Friday, June 17 at The Park Royal, is all in aid of a good cause.

And some of the models have outlined why they wanted to take part.

Lost loved ones

Several of the models had loved ones who were cared for at St. Rocco’s.

Kellie Millard’s friend Debbie had raised thousands of pounds for Bowel Cancer charities before she passed away at Christmas 2021.

“I am determined to fundraise for both Debbie and my mum,” said Kellie.

“I am always up for a new challenge, so this was a perfect way of combining fundraising and remembering loved ones.”

Kathryn Harvey added: “You don’t realise how the care St. Rocco’s provides is so life-changing until you know someone who has received it.”

Lisa Moran was fortunate enough to see her close friend and cousin battle through cancer treatment but sadly lost her dad along the way.

“I want to fundraise to ensure St. Rocco’s can continue to provide care for patients and families,” said Lisa.

Emma Robinson, who is a cancer survivor herself, added: “After a double mastectomy and reconstruction, I realise how vital the care, places like St. Rocco’s provide is.

“Even if I can help one person then I will have been a success.”

Wanting to raise funds for good cause

Not all of the models have had to suffer loss to want to be involved.

“I just want to help out and raise funds to support people living with a palliative illness here in Warrington,” said Silvia Amarier.

“It’s also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.”

Katherine Keyworth, had made some lifestyle changes approaching her 50th birthday and describes the event as a ‘reward.

“I lost over five stone during that time so modelling for St. Rocco’s feels like a reward as well as being able to raise funds for such a great cause.”

Andrea Vargova has only recently joined the St. Rocco’s family as a volunteer at the Lymm shop and she wanted to help more and so willingly signed up to become a model to help the Hospice.

Other models include Freya Allen, Leanne Bartlett, Faye McIlroy, Kate Lucy and Alison Bullock.

For tickets contact or visit,-Food-Fizz-2022.

The price includes a two-course meal, welcome drink, DJ and a chance to shop the clothes you see.