THIS Can’t Be It.

Inspired by taking a life expectancy test on his phone and finding out he could expect to reach 78, comedian Mark Watson thought that can’t be it and poses questions such as what should we be doing with our time on earth? And how can we do it better?

Mark, who has made significant strides towards happiness and fulfilment over the past few years, wrestles with some of the fundamental questions of life at Pyramid Arts Centre on June 25 in his show This Can't Be It.

His stand-up gig was intended for 2020 but the Radio 4 figure, star of ‘Live At The Apollo’ and House Of Games has since had it waiting in the wings before embarking on his tour.

The Taskmaster-survivor and author has been stressing about the prospect of death since before it was more common and will explore all of this at Pyramid.


Mark will address questions of life in Warrington

Mark will address questions of life in Warrington


Mark said: “It’s very far from doom and gloom really because it’s still a show with a lot of jokes. I’ve always had big themes in my shows before but I never let that get in the way of having a good time.

“At the end of the day, people want to be entertained and aren’t necessarily coming to see me solve the mystery of existence.”

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