THERE is a new community grocery store in Warrington.

Life Church Warrington, based on Cotswold Road, has partnered with The Message Trust to create Community Grocery Warrington which opened its doors yesterday, Tuesday.

The store is there to help with the cost of living and provide affordable alternatives for food as it bridges the gap between supermarkets and food banks.

Lukas Dewhirst, lead pastor at Life Church Warrington, said: “As a church, we are aware of the increasing pressure on household budgets with the cost of living crisis.

“On our opening day, we had over 100 people register as new members.”

The store allows new members to register as members for a £5 annual membership fee which allows for up to two weekly £4 shops.


The store provides fresh fruit and vegetables

The store provides fresh fruit and vegetables

It also offers lots of items from the bakery

It also offers lots of items from the bakery


“The Community Grocery allows new members to select their own food twice a week from our well-stocked shelves,” continued Lukas.

“Members get around £30 value of food for their £4 shop which at this time includes five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables with each shop.

“Life Church Warrington is incredibly proud to partner with The Message trust to serve the community of Warrington.

“In addition to the food offering, we will also be running local courses to help people with debt counselling, mental health challenges, cookery classes and exploring Christianity classes.

“We are also grateful to local supermarkets who are also partnering with us to ensure that in challenging times to keep families fed, reduce waste and save money.”