WINACHI are flying the flag high for Warrington in the United States.

They are making the most of every opportunity afforded to them and taking it with two hands.

Before they jetted off across the pond, WINACHI held their first gig in two years at Friars Court 2 in December.

It was an event that they loved and one that Latchford’s own singer-songwriter Liam Crocker feels has set them up finely for a return to the stage.

He said: “It was great. It was nice to get back on a stage and do it in our hometown.

“There was friends and family there so it was pretty much just a party.

“Everyone was buzzing and you could tell that people had been locked up for two years.

“As we have got a slightly different line-up from prior to lockdown it was a good chance for them to get the feel of a WINACHI show.

“For artists and musicians, if you spend two years pretty much not doing what you are used to doing, you get that self-doubt creeping in.

“The minute that the first song is finished and you hear the applause it’s like ‘oh yeah, it’s like riding a bike’.”

After getting back on their bike and cycling all the way to America, WINACHI are looking ahead to their biggest show ever as they are set to headline City Springs Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, in August for the International Singer Songwriter Association awards.

The show has been cancelled twice before due to the coronavirus pandemic and now Liam cannot wait to perform there.

The 39-year-old continued: “It’s our biggest show ever – we’ve never headlined a show of this size and a few lads from Warrington and Yorkshire are doing it.

“We’re really buzzing about that.”

The band have also spent some time in Los Angeles to film for three days for their first single ‘Heaven in Hell.A on their upcoming album and it was directed Tommy Muhl – a close friend and long-term supporter of the band.

“I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a mix between Ghostbusters and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

“Frankie Clarke, an amazing singer-songwriter from Los Angeles co-stars in the video with producer John X.

“We then headlined the Mint in Los Angeles, met Zeus Rebel Waters and since we’ve got back we’ve already started working together to make a collaborative EP for autumn 2022.

“Things are really bubbling away in the States at the minute.

“We’ve got shows in the UK too so we are back at it and back in the saddle.”

WINACHI are well-loved in the United States and this has come from pouncing on opportunities that they have opened up.

“A lot of bands will stick to what they know and to their local city whereas we always had a vision for WINACHI to be a global band and brand,” continued Liam, who is one of the two members from Warrington.

The other is Antony Egerton who lives near to Woolston, the other band members are from Yorkshire, Wigan and Crewe.

“We just went for it and nothing seems impossible to us. We hustle and find opportunities that some bands would maybe not go for whereas we do.

“We’ve built a foundation out there, built relationships and got good friends out there.

“We do have a good time when we are in L.A but we work hard and we take every opportunity and we don’t take it for granted – we make the most of them.

“Opportunities keep arising for us to go back and luckily for us they seem to like us out here.

“They seem to really appreciate the music that we make. We have that northern English swagger but we are heavily influenced by American music like hip-hop and funk.

“I think they like the Englishness of us but also we are familiar to them as we are making American influenced music.”

And Liam is proud of the work that he and the band have put into making WINACHI a success so far.

“I’m extremely proud of myself, my bandmates, our families and the team that works with us,” said Liam.

“I’m also extremely proud of our fans who have stuck with us because without them, none of this could happen.

“There are a lot of people that have supported this group and sacrificed a lot for this to happen and we respect and appreciate all of it.

“We know it could all be over by tomorrow so we don’t take any of it for granted and every opportunity that arises we grab with both hands.”