SKECHERS shoe shop is the latest business to join Golden Square in Warrington town centre.

The shop opened yesterday, Thursday, and the team have already been pleasantly surprised by the number of customers visiting.

Ian Cox, centre director, said: “Skechers opening is brilliant because the unit is so bright, the signage looks great, the fit-out is fantastic and it just adds so much life to that area of the mall which really needed it.

“Having that open there and being such a popular brand has already injected a bit of life.

“The feedback that we have had on social media has been fantastic so far as well.”


Some of the footwear on offer

Some of the footwear on offer


With new businesses such as Jamaica Blue opening recently, Ian says they plan to continue in this vein.

“It’s good to start attracting new brands that Warrington has never had before and that’s the type of thing we’ve got to keep doing,” the Chapelford resident added.

“The Skechers brand is huge at the moment so for us to get that brand in is testament to what we are trying to do.

“The guys at Skechers realise that we have been through some hard times but the plan for the centre and what we want to do is very much in line with what they want to do and they are keen to work with us as a team to inject that life back into Golden Square and both of us to succeed together.”


Sketchers offers clothing too

Skechers offers clothing too