FRESH from having been awarded ‘Best of Pies’ for 2022 in Warrington by our readers, given all the hype surrounding To Pie For in Fearnhead, we thought we would put them to the taste test.

Spoiler alert, we weren’t disappointed.

To give a fair review, we gave a chunk of their hot pies a try and this is what we thought.

Vegan curried chickpea and veg – 9/10

One of our reporters had this described it as ‘class’, and that it had a kick to it but the spice wasn't too much.

Chicken and mushroom – 8/10

Silky. A lovely partnership.

Minted lamb, potato and pea – 7.5/10

The hint of mint in the lamb and potato pie gave it a Sunday roast flavour - and who doesn't like the idea of a roast dinner encased in pastry.

Speaking of which, the pastry was light and moist and provided the eater with the perfect vessel to leave not a single trace.

Meat and potato – 8/10

An upgrade on the usual meat and potato as it was more flavoursome.

Tender chunks of meat amid a well-seasoned and substantial filling.

Cheese and onion – 8.5/10

For someone that rarely has cheese unless it’s on a pizza, this was very good. A creamy cheese was oozing out of the pie and it complimented the light pastry well – without being overbearing cheesy.

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Steak – 8/10

You can’t go wrong with a steak pie and nor did this. Pastry had the balance of not dry and not soggy either with a buttery taste.

Steak and kidney – 7.5/10

A slightly saltier version and the pepper tickles the back of your throat. A sold option.

Steak and peppercorn – 9/10

I can’t lie, I was most excited to try this pie and it was on the money.

Lovely chunks of steak with the peppercorn – again a pastry that had the perfect combination of being light but crispy where needed.

Slightly more sauce and this becomes a 9.5.

Steak and ale – 8.5/10

The ale stood out with a lovely, strong flavour – often where many steak and ale pies can fall down.

Chicken and leek – 8/10

Again, a lovely creamy sauce complemented the pastry well. A few more leaks and this is rated even higher.

Pie of the Week: BBQ pulled pork and cheese – 10/10

This is outrageous. Try it and see for yourself.


Shanes pies are to do for and readers love them too

Shane's pies are to do for and readers love them too


It’s easy to see why To Pie For’s pies are so well-loved.

As well as the hot options, they also have several award-winning cold pies available too.

Give the pork chilli and jam a try – it shouldn’t work but the does!

With an abundance of flavours and takes on traditional pies, if you haven’t tried them already, you are missing out.