WARRINGTON Ethnic Women’s Group has celebrated its first Eid party since launching earlier this year.

The party was organised by the group and involved only women and children.

Those in attendance brought a food dish to share, while children enjoyed Bewsey Park and played many outdoor games.

The chair of the group Shireen Saeed said: “I am so pleased to see so many women and children attended today and had a lot of fun.

“We have a vision for this group and I am excited to see it expanding rapidly.

“Every day many new members join the group from all walks of life. We have Pakistani, Kurdish, Arabic, Indian, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Ukrainian, Bangladeshi, Syrian, Philippines, African, and many more countries’ heritage.

“This is an excellent example of community cohesion as we celebrate diversity. This kind of group is essential to bringing everyone together and helping each other. Group is planning many more events to include the broader community.

“This group is becoming the voice of ethnic women in Warrington while playing its part in women’s empowerment and integration.

“Wolfie, from Warrington Wolves, made a surprise visit to the party. Children were amazed to see him, and everyone took pictures with the Wolfie.

“This was probably the first Eid party Wolfie attended. We thank Warrington Wolves for sending Wolfie to attend our party.”