THERE are worse ways to start your Monday.

Grappenhall resident Sheila has got the week off to a flying start having won £2,000 on This Morning’s Spin to Win, today.

Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes had a call-in from Sheila from Grappenhall to get the right passphrase as she keenly said ‘Good Golly, Miss Molly’

Sheila answered correctly much to the presenter's joy after numerous answers went amiss that led Rochelle to joke that she felt like ‘a bad omen’.

The resident then introduces herself excitedly before telling the presenters she is having ‘a brilliant day now’.

She tells This Morning that she has been entering since the wheel started and that she’s just got over Covid.

Phil said: “Finally we got around to Sheila

“It was worth the wait,” Rochelle added.

Phil continued: “The least you have won is £750 all you can do is improve.

“You’re in Warrington so some of these (prizes) are quite convenient.

Sheila opts for the wheel where winnings involve cash prices and Coronation Street.

Sheila laughs with joy when she finds out she has won £2,000.

She is congratulation and replies: “Thank you.”