A POPULAR Latchford pub has opened a refurbished function room for all occasions.

The Cheshire Cheese, based in the heart of Latchford in Knutsford Road, has had its function room refurbished after it was out of use for nearly two decades.

It is a room that has previously hosted weddings, regular jazz nights and even a boxing match in the past.

“It has an awful lot of history,” said landlord Alex Wright.

“The brewery has spent some money on it and I’ve spent some time and effort on it.

“We want people to know they can hire it again and it’s available for any wedding, christening, funeral, party or conferences.

“We’ve had a band in there and another practising as well – there will be a rock night in there once per month.

“From my point of view, times are hard with Covid and everything going up and I’ve got to try and make money in other areas so I would be a fool if I didn’t do anything with that room.”

Alex, who has ran the Cheese for two-and-a-half years, wanted to bring the room back to life after the roof started to leak.


It has a darts board and a projector screen

It has a darts board and a projector screen

The room is in the 18th century pub

The room is in the 18th century pub


The 48-year-old continued: “16 or 17 years ago the roof of the pub was starting to fall apart and there were a lot of leaks and because it was a listed building it was really awkward to get people to work on the pub.

“The room was then left to ruin because it was getting a lot of water coming in – the floor was knackered and the door was rotting away.

“I pushed to get the roof fixed and the brewery eventually fixed it at an awful lot of cost so I am very grateful to them.

“A lot of people helped out locally too.”

Alex – who plans to have a fully functional bar in the room in three weeks – hopes that one of the original jazz musicians who played in the pub previously can help get the scene going at the Cheese again.

“He said he’s going to try and recreate this for us,” added Alex.

“A lot of people may have moved on or deceased but there is still a jazz scene.

“Hopefully we can get something kickstarted again.”


Another angle of the function room

Another angle of the function room