THIS week in Looking Back, we are rolling back the years to the 80s and 90s when world renowned jazz players stopped off at The Cheshire Cheese.

The Knutsford Road pub used to welcome the musicians when they played in Manchester and Liverpool as the Cheese gained a reputation for having fantastic acoustics.

And so came ‘Upstairs at Larry’s’ when Larry Flood owned the pub and the function room hosted jazz nights due to his jazz following.

Current landlord Alex Wright said: “These jazz musicians got a little bit of a reputation for calling in at the Cheese while they were in the north west in the function room.

“Quite a few jazz musicians locally inspired that.

“These worldwide renowned jazz musicians would talk about the Cheese because of the acoustics in the room.”


The function room

The function room

The 48-year-old continued: “I’ve witnessed it first-hand when we had a band on a few weeks ago – the acoustics are unreal.

“You can’t hear it downstairs in the pub so it’s just confined to that room which holds 40 – 50 people.

“The vibrations through the wall are just incredible.

“It has an awful lot of history.”