A PHOTOGRAPHER who documented some of the biggest moments in Warrington for more than 40 years has died.

Former Warrington Guardian photographic manager Eddie Fuller died this week, aged 88.

Mr Fuller, originally from a mining community in County Durham, followed his father and four brothers into the industry.

In the 1960s, Mr Fuller, who was married to Doris, began a 40-year career in photojournalism, becoming club photographer with Stoke City before moving to Warrington.

There he worked at the Warrington Guardian becoming a familiar face across the town.

Warrington Guardian:

He managed other photographers and recorded some of the biggest moments in the history of the town.

That included taking pictures of Warrington Wolves games well beyond his retirement from 1971 until 2007.

He even featured on the club pre season picture in 2008 to mark his retirement.

Warrington Guardian:

An exhibition of his work capturing the highs and lows of The Wire during his time with the Guardian filled the gallery at Warrington Museum in 1993 and received high acclaim.

And he worked in tandem with journalist Gary Slater as many of his pictures were published in books covering the history of the town's premier sports club.

One moment that lived long in the memory was when Warrington had just lifted the trophy against Featherstone at Wembley.

Eddie said: "When we turned to go up the drive they must have forgotten about it being a double decker open top bus - all the branches came across and we had to duck down and dive so as not to get our heads taken off!

"The team had been to Kensington Palace for the big reception and came back on Sunday

"On the Tuesday night we had a photo call but only Alex and four of the players turned up because most of them had jobs in those days and they had to get off to train because they went on the Saturday to win the Club Championship Trophy.

"It was a magnificent haul of six trophies in one year."

The couple have two sons and three grandchildren.