HE has been dubbed the ‘Marcus Latchford’ of Warrington and now this chef will be taking on a new role and feeding even more children.

Patrick Manicom, former owner of Chef Mani’s in Latchford, has been known to feed 660 children in three weeks before and he will now take on the cheffing reigns at Warrington Youth Zone.

His friend told him about the position so he applied, got the job and after two-and-a-half years of providing nutritious food in Kingsway South, he shut up shop there.

Patrick told the Warrington Guardian: “I thought about it. I had just had a child and I would like to learn a lot about that aspect of things.

“I want to make a difference for young people as well as cook for them and maybe teach them and have that rewarding job.

“Chef Mani’s was definitely a baby of mine but the closure was for a very rewarding career reason and I can’t wait to actually start making a difference feeding everyone.

“I am very proud.

“I’ve not actually worked in that aspect of the industry yet so I am very, very excited to actually learn as much as I can and make as many positive changes as I can.

“Instead of taking a different path, my path has just widened.”

For Patrick, who moved to Warrington seven years ago from Essex, he wants to keep supporting the youth in the town with nutritious food.

The 33-year-old added: “It would be amazing to implement that into the meals and include it in the snacks to try and make them healthier.

“That’s massively important so we can be healthier.

“If we can give the young people healthy food to eat and teach them about the importance and how to eat healthy, that is what we are aiming for.”

Patrick, who as the chef will work with two kitchen assistants, will also welcome volunteers and lead sessions for kids in the training kitchen.

He continued: “I’m so excited to inspire a new generation. I can’t wait to teach as much as I can to the youth in Warrington and teach it positively.

“It will be challenging but I can’t wait.”

Emma Yoxall, marketing and communications manager at Warrington Youth Zone said: “Patrick will have daily interactions with the young people so he has a vital role within the youth zone.

“He will be the person they see daily.

“He has been here a week or two and he is so enthusiastic and has had some great ideas. I think the kids will really warm to him.”