A SEVEN-year-old Britain’s Got Talent star from Warrington who has been nicknamed as a ‘mini David Attenborough’ has spoken about his time on the stage and receiving four yesses.

Aneeshwar Kunchala auditioned for the talent show following a visit from David Walliams while he was at school at St Philip Westbrook CE Primary School.

David had spotted Aneeshwar’s nature-inspired videos and visited the youngster and his classmates undercover in a panda costume to ask him to audition for the show.

Speaking about the moment when David took off the panda head, Aneeshwar told the Warrington Guardian: “That was an excellent surprise!

“I cannot believe that my favourite author visited my school to surprise me and invite me to Britain’s Got Talent.

“I tried touching the panda and all of sudden he took the panda costume head off.

“It was just boom and amazing. We all were screaming, jumping up and down with joy when we saw David Walliams."

For Aneeshwar’s audition, which was aired on April 16, he read a poem about the environment called ‘Hope’.

He was joined on stage by other children who were dressed in animal costumes.

The young conservationist told the judging panel, consisting of David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell, that he cares about the environment ‘a lot’.

“It was a great feeling because I have got the biggest stage ever to tell about my love and passion towards the Natural world and why animals are so important for the ecosystem,” Aneeshwar told the Warrington Guardian.

“I was always looking to spread awareness about wildlife and thought by this show I might get a chance to perform in front of the Royal family.”

With the help of his mum, Aneeshwar decided that a poem would be the best way to spread awareness about wildlife on the show.

His visits to nature reserves, safaris and local parks inspired the poem he read as he often ‘frames’ sentences with the animals at these locations and thinks about they can be saved.

“I was really excited that I am going to perform for thousands of people to spread awareness about the natural world and I was a bit nervous,” Aneeshwar added.

Warrington Guardian: Aneeshwar won a Warrington Guardian Education Award earlier this yearAneeshwar won a Warrington Guardian Education Award earlier this year

After reading his poem, Aneeshwar received a standing ovation from the audience as well as judge David Walliams.

Amanda Holden said: “The message is so important and when I think about somebody like David Attenborough, who we all look up to and admire, you are the perfect person to follow in his footsteps.”

While David Walliams said: “Well I think we will look back on you know - this is the moment when the world met Aneeshwar.

“This is something very special Aneeshwar and it is a huge honour to give you your first yes.”

He then received a ‘yes’ from the rest of the judges, meaning he has progressed to the next stage of the competition.

“I was jumping up and high – I got a yes from all of the judges. Oh yeah!” he said.

Aneeshwar liked seeing himself on stage and was ‘really happy’ when his family and friends called him after the audition aired to congratulate him.

Since appearing on the TV show, Aneeshwar has been interviewed on ITV News and appeared on an episode of Blue Peter where he received a special Gold Badge – the highest and ‘rarest’ badge.