NOT a bad title to have, is it?

Meet Rayner Cunniffe from Burtonwood, one of the best hair and make-up artists across the United Kingdom.

That is based on her standing in The UK Hair and Beauty Awards where Rayner – also a media make-up tutor at Warrington and Vale Royal College – came fourth.

Best of all, she wasn’t even aware of the standing until a client told her so.

“I received an email asking me to put a submission form in, I did that and didn’t receive the confirmation of being a finalist as it went to my junk email,” said Rayner.

“I didn’t have any understanding I was a finalist.

“I received the news when one of my clients sent it over to me so it was a big surprise.

“I thought ‘hang on, I need to stop driving’ and pulled over. I looked and I was like ‘oh my god, no way’.

“It’s crazy. I’m absolutely over the moon.

“I had just carried on with work and then I’ve ended up in the top five.”

Rayner said all of her students are very pleased for her after she has been on a long journey to get to where she is.

The 30-year-old continued: “I started off as a single mum in college just trying to get anything to make ends meet.

“I just wanted a career that I was passionate about and the fact that I have ended up at this stage with my teaching degree, business and my loyal clients it’s amazing.

“I have no words for it.”


Rayner pinpoints the reasons she stood out from the crowd

Rayner pinpoints the reasons she stood out from the crowd


Rayner believes her effective and personable approach helps set her apart from the competition.

“I think it’s because I enjoy the teaching side and I’m very fast at what I do,” added Rayner.

“My clients come to me because they know I can do both hair and makeup in a very speedy time.

“I’m very down to earth and understanding with where I’ve come from to where I’m getting to now.

“I want to be big but in a way where I can help other people to get to where I can go as well.”

“I’m hoping in the future to open my own private academy. I’ve just got to keep building on what I’m doing already.”