A POLISH school has been ‘overwhelmed’ with donations for Ukrainian refugees.

Karolina Czornik from Polskie Centrum Edukacji i Kultury w Warrington asked for supplies to be dropped at Meadowside Community Primary School on Saturday, March 5.

Warrington Guardian:

The group is also known as the Polish School, and runs at the Clough Avenue site on Saturday mornings.

And donations from the community ‘kept coming from far and wide all day’, with residents volunteering their time to help sort items.

Warrington Guardian:

A group of schoolchildren from Wigan left a minibus filled with goods at the centre during an ‘emotional’ day.

Alison Stokes, welfare coordinator at Meadowside, said: “We were all surprised at the scale of the donations.

“At one point the school dining room and main school hall were full to bursting.

Warrington Guardian:

“These donations will travel to Ostroda in Poland, where they will be ready to be shared with the families that are fleeing the atrocities in the Ukraine.”