Frank Lythgoe brings us his weekly column on behalf of Warrington Anglers Association...

SOMETIMES it takes a youngster to show that if anglers get it right, fish are there for the catching even in such atrocious weather conditions as on last Thursday, when it seems they had four seasons in one day.

Nine-year-old Cameron Daly, who normally prefers to fish for pike, was persuaded by his dad Ste to try his hand at tench fishing on Grey Mist.

Set-up with a maggot feeder using three red maggots on a size 14s hook, he fished four rod lengths out and broke his PB three times!

Cameron caught tincas of 6-3-0, 6-5-0, 6-9-0, plus two further fish of 5-11-0, and 5-14-0.

As for Ste, on the day he was demoted to ‘camera kid,’ tea-boy, and using his words, ‘netting Noddy.’

Nine-year-old Cameron Daly with his catch

Nine-year-old Cameron Daly with his catch

Steve Wright fished a session at Appleton Reservoir on Saturday kicking off at 10.40am after setting up with a cage feeder and double maggot at 30 metres and also baiting up another swim at 50metres.

After a while and no action, he switched to the furthest one where he got his first indication of a bite on double red maggot.

A change to a maggot feeder filled with a little groundbait, maggot and caster saw him soon slip his landing net under his first fish – a cracking 1.5lbs roach.

More bites followed as the fish moved in on the feed and Steve ended up with a further dozen roach between six and 10oz and a 1lb roach to end the session.

Our Sunday Mersey Series match was back on this week but the river was still carrying a fair amount of floodwater, making bites few and far between.

John Ashwin fished a feeder and white maggot for a perch and roach catch for a winning weight of 2-1-0. Ray Boden fishing the same method was the runner-up with 1-5-0 of small roach. Thirteen fished.

Monday saw our disabled and over 60s match fished on the Bridgewater Canal at Moore, with members taking part being hopeful of a few more fish than previous weeks.

Winner Stu Patterson drew the Tramps Grave peg, which produced a bonus 1.5lb perch along with a few roach for a weight of 1-13-0.

Second-placed George Barber – aka ‘The Breadman’ – caught a few roach caught on the white stuff for 1-3-0. Fourteen anglers fished.

HALTON PLANNING OBJECTION: We have had several previous attempts (once by Halton Borough Council in 2002 and lately a second attempt by developers) to take away use by Warrington Anglers Association members of Red Brow Lane that gives the only reasonable access to fish the Bridgewater Canal, which we have leased and enjoyed for decades.

Members are advised to avoid fishing the Weaver Navigation on Saturday as Runcorn Rowing Club are holding their Spring Eights Head competition event.

There will be a working party at Rixton Claypits on Sunday, 9am start. Anyone who can spare a couple of hours to help with further peg improvements are more than welcome.

Our WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street, Warrington WA1 1LT remains closed on Friday evenings, but members can simply post to this address or put their book or request in an envelope with their payment and a stamped addressed envelope through our HQ door, where mail is collected and dealt with most days.

Alternatively, you can post to Warrington Anglers Association, PO Box 71, Warrington WA1 1LR where mail is collected weekly.

I really appreciate any catch reports from members, especially at this time of the year when they are understandably few and far between with there being not many anglers out fishing.

Email or give me a call on 01928 716238


Mersey Match Series: 1, John Ashwin 2-1-0; 2, Ray Boden 1-5-0; 3, Al Faulkner 1-3-0; 4, Paul Field 1-0-0

Disabled and over 60s (Bridgewater Canal): 1, Stu Patterson 1-13-0; 2, George Barber 0-12-0; 3, Roy Hollis 1-1-0; 4, Alan Brown/Jimmy Byrne 0-15-0


Sunday, Mersey Series (members only): Draw 8.45am at Mersey Walk. Entry £5 and £5 optional pool. Exact money only, no change given. Covid-19 match rules apply.

Monday, disabled and over 60s, Bridgewater Canal: Draw 9.45am at Stage Lane. £5 all-in. Exact money only, no change given. Covid-19 match rules apply.