A WEIGHTLIFTER from Westbrook is hoping to help others achieve their dreams after achieving one of his own.

Josh Summersgill was thrilled after seeing the recent publication of his first book, entitled Moving the Needle.

The 30-year-old British weightlifting coach has been helping people for almost six years to become stronger and improve their Olympic lifting skills.

During this time, he has had the privilege of coaching more than 500 athletes and witnessed each one of them become more skilful with a barbell.

With his book, Josh is hoping to help people from all walks of life develop a ‘bulletproof mindset’ through lessons he has learnt through training and coaching people over the past years.

“I believe that every person on the planet deserves to reach their true physical potential and optimal health and wellbeing in life,” he said.

Moving the Needle is available to buy now

Moving the Needle is available to buy now

“My true passion is helping people achieve what they previously believed to be impossible – whether that is to build the body that they have always dreamt of or simply develop their confidence and excel.

“I have always wanted to publish a book, and it has been a goal of mine since a very young age.

“The idea originally came about when I realised that when I was coaching people, it was having a massive effect on their mindset outside of the gym as well as in their training.

“The confidence and strength that they were building physically was having a massive translation to their mental fortitude.

“I thought that if I could write and compile this information into a book, I would be able to reach and ultimately help even more people.”

Josh says Moving the Needle is a book for anyone and everyone, and it is a collection of anecdotes and discoveries he has experienced, developed and discovered through years of mistakes, commitment and hard work.

Westbrook weightlifter Josh Summersgill has fulfilled a lifelong dream by publishing his first book

Westbrook weightlifter Josh Summersgill has fulfilled a lifelong dream by publishing his first book

These lessons can be applied to all walks of life and living, although Josh says the book ‘will not do it for you’, and you will not unlock the meaning of life within its pages.

What the book can do for you however is give you a new perspective on challenges you may be facing, both in the gym and out of it.

“It will motivate and inspire you to develop your own comfort zone and try new things, and it will constantly remind you that perfection should not be the mission – it is all about progression and moving the needle,” he added.

“My goal for the book is to reach as many people as I can, and as a result help as many people as possible become mentally more resilient and achieve everything that they set out accomplish.”

Moving the Needle is available to buy on Amazon and Google Books.