A DOG bakery has moved into the Golden Square.

The Original Dog Bakery has a third location and that is in the square near Vision Express.

It provides fresh and healthy treats for your furry friends including dog-friendly ‘popcorn’, 'doughnuts' and ‘chocolate’.

Joint-owner, Daniel Carroll, said: “Warrington centre has some great shops, eateries and things to do and after a visit, we knew it would work as a suitable location.

“It’s a lovely place, the people are so friendly and welcoming. We do get a lot of people from Warrington visiting our Liverpool ONE store so knew we’d fit right in here in the Golden Square.

“The centre has a lot going for it and as restrictions come to an end and with spring around the corner, we are excited for the year ahead.

“We have a fantastic new retail team based here and currently we have a position available to all local to the area.”

After the 18 months that businesses have had, Daniel feels it’s key that residents take advantage of what is on offer.

Daniel, who owns the business alongside Caitlin Carroll and Eilish Clarke added: It’s vital we get back to going out and enjoying these spaces. They have so much to offer and continue to evolve as shopping habits change.


Daniel Carroll, Caitlin Carroll and Eilish Clarke, joint owners of The Original Dog Bakery

Daniel Carroll, Caitlin Carroll and Eilish Clarke, joint owners of The Original Dog Bakery

"There is so much going on in 2022 and we feel lucky to get involved."

The reason behind why they are popular and stand out is the goodness that goes into the bakery's treats, according to Daniel.

“Our mission from day one was to make our products fresh, using the best ingredients and not pack them full of sugar, salt and preservatives.

“We bake everything by hand in our bakery by our amazingly skilled bakery team. We do class our products as luxury items and although they look like they could be unhealthy for your dog, actually they are quite good for them.

“We use ingredients like turmeric, carob and ginger to name a few and all come with their own health benefits.”

After starting the business in 2020 at Liverpool One, it has gone from strength to strength with another bakery in Cheshire Oaks, and the team love what they do.

“Seeing happy dogs enjoying our cakes is just amazing," added Daniel, from Liverpool.

“We get customers who have visited all three stores now and repeat customers online from all over the UK and we couldn't ask for anything more.

“It is hard work and the bakery is running seven days a week now but seeing we’ve been tagged in a social post, which we love, by the way, makes it all worthwhile.”