A ‘PSYCHOTIC’ ex told his former partner ‘this is not the end’ after breaking into her home in the early hours brandishing knives.

Teddy Pearson’s ex-girlfriend and her friend were woken just after 6am as he appeared in her bedroom shouting.

She told officers that during the incident she had never been so scared of him in her life and thought that he was going to stab her.

Pearson, of Secker Avenue, Latchford, appeared before Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to burglary of a dwelling with the intent to cause criminal damage and affray.

Prosecuting, Joanne Maxwell told the court how on November 20, the victim was in bed asleep with her male friend when Pearson, 23, broke into her home.

The former couple, who the victim claimed were in an on and off ‘volatile’ relationship, had split up a few days before.

Pearson looked ‘angry’ and ‘psychotic’ at the end of her bed and she asked him what he was doing.

He then left the bedroom and went into the living room where crashing sounds could be heard – he had damaged some of her belongings.

He returned to the bedroom, brandishing two kitchen knives which he used to threaten his former girlfriend and her friend.


Liverpool Crown Court

Liverpool Crown Court


Ms Maxwell stated how the victim said she thought he was going to use them to stab them – and believed he was under the influence of drugs as he was ‘gurning’.

The court also heard how Pearson had an ‘angry look’ in his eyes and wouldn’t put the knives down.

After asking to speak to the pair outside, Pearson then proceeded to leave the house.

The victim tried to shut the door after him but was unable to do so as Pearson was pushing against it.

He forced the door open, banging the victims head which resulted in a lump and bruising.

She then threatened to call the police which saw Pearson leave, however he left shouting: “This is not the end.”

The court was told how Pearson has seven offences for six previous convictions – including common assault, possession of a bladed article and burglary of a dwelling.

Defending, Jim Smith said: “This is a situation where the defendant deeply regrets his actions on that particular day.

“It is somewhat out of character that this incident occurred.

“This is a young man who has made a grave error and committed a serious offence.

“He is ashamed of his behaviour and regrets in sincerely.”

Mr Smith said that despite Pearson’s previous convictions, it has been more than five years since his last offence which ‘indicates a change in his behaviour’.

He also said his client wants to be a good role model to his two children.

He said Pearson’s ‘worst fears’ were realised when he saw the victim was with another man – and due to the presence of this male, he was ‘not thinking’ and armed himself.

Concluding, recorder Ciaran Rankin said the offence is ‘too serious’ for him to suspend a prison sentence.

He handed Pearson a two-year prison sentence.

Pearson was also issued a five-year restraining order against the victim.