GREGGS has opened a new breakfast club at a Latchford primary school which will provide 25 children with a free and healthy breakfast before class.

The Greggs Foundation has launched the group at St Augustines Catholic Primary School thanks to the generous sponsorship of a local organisation.

The new club, sponsored by Christeyns Food Hygiene UK will provide the youngsters who need it with a free, nutritional breakfast before school so that they are well prepared for the day ahead.

Breakfast offerings will include toast, low sugar cereal, fruit, yoghurt, juice, and milk.

As well as providing a nutritious morning meal, the club aims to encourage children to enjoy themselves and engage with school staff and the education system.

Lynne Hindmarch, breakfast club manager for the Greggs Foundation, said: “No child should ever start their day without breakfast, which is why we’re delighted to be opening a new breakfast club at St Augustines Catholic Primary School, thanks to the extremely generous support and funding of Christeyns Food Hygeine UK.

““Through breakfast clubs such as this, we’re able to support over 40,000 children each day nationally, and new openings like the one at St Augustines Catholic Primary School are helping us to continue heading towards reaching our target of serving 70,000 breakfasts each school day by 2025.”

Mrs Andrea Towey, headteacher at St Augustine's Catholic Primary School, added: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with The Greggs Foundation and Christeyns Food Hygiene, who are supporting us in keeping our breakfast club running.

“The Breakfast Club is highly valued by our school community and it helps us to make sure that all those who want it can start the day with a healthy breakfast, equipping them to be ready to learn.”

Launched in 1999, the Greggs Foundation’s Breakfast Club programme has grown to serve wholesome, free breakfasts to around 40,000 children every school day, at over 650 Clubs across the UK.

So far the programme has served over 58 million free meals with an ambition to support 1,000 Breakfast Clubs by 2025, serving 70,000 free, nutritious meals each school day, as announced in The Greggs Pledge earlier in the year.

Peter Littleton, Technical Director at Christeyns Food Hygeine UK, commented: “We are delighted to support St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School through the Greggs Foundation’s Breakfast Club scheme, knowing the importance of a healthy start to the day and the role that plays in helping the next generation to achieve their full potential.”