THE conversion of major routes around Warrington to so-called ‘smart motorways’ has been slammed as ‘dangerous’.

This is the view of Warrington Guardian readers on social media, who have branded the motorways a ‘death traps they no longer feel safe driving on’.

It comes as the rollout of smart motorways is being paused amid safety concerns, the Government has announced.

Concerns have been raised following fatal incidents involving broken-down vehicles being hit from behind.

Work is ongoing to convert a section of the M6 in Warrington to a smart motorway, as is work on the M56, while sections of the M62 in Warrington have also been ‘upgraded’.

Most readers were happy so see the rollout paused, with @robsgiants on Twitter commenting: “Smart motorways are a death trap. The Government should ban them until they have a safe lane to pull into when you break down.”

The rollout of so-called smart motorways has been paused (Image: PA)

The rollout of so-called 'smart motorways' has been paused (Image: PA)

Louise Herridge said: “I found it scary enough breaking down and using the hard shoulder. I have seen people continue to drive in a lane with the red X above, I do not feel they are safe.”

On Facebook, Roberts Rachel raised safety concerns, saying: “Please someone explain how you are supposed to get yourself and two kids out safely before a lorry smashes into the back of you? I try to avoid driving on them now.”

Lorraine Jeffery tries to avoid using them, adding: “If there is a broken-down vehicle when it is dark, you cannot avoid hitting it if it is dumped in lane one. Far too dangerous a risk, and I no longer use them at night.”

One reader with personal experience was Sarah Sutcliffe, who commented: “Terrible idea. We broke down on the M6 near junction 18 last summer.

“We had our two young girls, aged five and nine, with us and had to get them out onto a busy motorway with only nettles to stand in on the other side of the barrier. They are just dangerous.”

They have not improved travel for Sharon Hearn, who said: “From what I see everyday with crashes, closed roads and traffic being diverted through town, I do not think it is very good.”

Carl Evans said that smart motorways are a ‘deathtrap’, while Questioner1 on the Warrington Guardian website commented: “People have died because of this decision. Countless more will die in the future.”

Not all were against the idea however, with Paul Jackson stating: “They have made the Warrington to Eccles stretch (of the M62) so much quicker every morning. No more hold ups.”

Phill Tinker said: “It is not the roads that are dangerous, it is the drivers that have not educated themselves on the use of them and the ones who sit in the outer lanes when not overtaking.”

And Magzy Jay said: “The stretch leading up to Birmingham has transformed travel there.

“Prior to it opening, there would be traffic queues for miles, and since the smart motorway opened, the traffic is steady and moving. But I understand the concerns about the safety element.”