OUR career profile of former Warrington Wolves captain and head coach Paul Cullen at the weekend brought a considerable reaction.

His former teammates Duane Mann and Bob Jackson led the tributes to a man considered a Wire legend, who has been added to the Guardian's Hall of Heroes - a web page dedicated to those who have had a huge sporting impact on the town or left their Warrington birthplace and did so elsewhere.

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One of Cullen's former coaches Tony Barrow has chipped in with the praise of the former centre/stand off/back rower who played his entire career with his hometown club.

Ex-match official Jim Smith has his say in response to Barrow's comments.

Here's a selection from Facebook of the reactions to our story:

Duane Mann: Paul Cullen one of the toughest, loyal & ultimate team mates ever … most of all a champion always on & off the field

Rob Jackson: Put his heart into everything he did.

Warrington Guardian: Paul Cullen's in mid-flight as the ball falls into the patch of his Warrington Wolves teammate Bob Jackson. Picture: Eddie WhithamPaul Cullen's in mid-flight as the ball falls into the patch of his Warrington Wolves teammate Bob Jackson. Picture: Eddie Whitham

Tony Barrow: He was a player every team needs, and tough no nonsense

Jim Smith: Loved refereeing the likes of Paul,he could ‘dish it out ‘ but I Never heard him ‘moan or groan’ when he ‘copped one ‘ and he could Play a Bit

Warrington Guardian:

Tony Barrow: Your right Jim he could give it and take it. I can hardly believe he is on the disciplinary committee now.

Jim Smith: Tony like the old saying’ poacher turns gamekeeper’

Peter Cannon: Top man on and off the field true legend

Frank Hawley: Much of the success enjoyed by the Warrington RL club from 2009 onwards was entirely down to the groundwork done by Paul Cullen and for which he has had little recognition. At some stage in the future, I would love to see Paul taking on a major role in helping to direct the club as an executive. Paul was shabbily treated by a minority of 'supporters' who stood on the terraces chanting for his sacking in 2008; to those I say, you should hang your heads in shame!

Warrington Guardian:

Dave Swanton: Great player, leader and ambassador and most importantly a good friend

Kevin Buckley-Mellor: Read the game well I thought. Good leader and not bad coach. Did well when at the wire. Well done.

Eric Mclay: Primrose and blue through and through.

Geoff Holding: Top man Cull… He should be in at The Wire in some capacity he has Warrington running in his veins !… what a legacy he left at Wilderspool and the HJ …

Warrington Guardian:

Les Cox: I wish we 13 paul cullens in the team now heart as big as a lion wire through and through should still be there in some capacity legend in my eyes

Gaynor Cox: He had respect off the team as well, top man

Mark Duxberry: i use to say if Wire had 13 Paul Cullens on the pitch Wire would be the best ...

Len Blood: Top player but mostly a top man. My heart bleeds that Paul is not involved with the club. I only hope that he is happy, always a Wire

Warrington Guardian:

Tony Edgar: Legend Wire through and through

Brenda Myall: Just imagine, Paul Cullen & Lee Briers together.

Warrington Guardian:

Colin Smethurst: If you;d have had 13 Paul Cullen's in your team you might not have won every game but you would never have died wondering. 110% effort every game.

Peter Graham: And a great inspirational coach when he took over at Whitehaven and got the team believing in themselves. He was quoted as saying something like "the hidden talent in this team is frightening"

Denis Hunter: All time great as a player and coach

Joseph Coy: Warrington through and through. Well respected by fans of all clubs. Mr Warrington.

Warrington Guardian:

Michael Kelly: Great player and when the club was at its lowest ebb Paul did a valiant job keeping interest alive with enthusiasm and commercial nouse.

Gary Ashcroft New: Tough as teak , great player Cull. Top guy off the field also... let down badly by the wire during his coaching spell...

Warrington Guardian:

Matt Hodgie Hodgson: Tuff player and was good on commentary too

Stuart Smith: Matt Hodgie Hodgson he would have been better on countdown with his big words he used to love

Andrew Quack Quack Ward: Very honest coach

Mark Stott: Used to enjoy his analysis, found it really informative.

Phil Johnson: Tough player top man

Dave Hesslegrave: Totally agree!!!class act

Neil Messenger: And very important in Whitehaven's history

Paul Hicks: as a leeds supporter i always preferred it when he was not in the Warrington line up. that's not a bad comment its one of respect

Warrington Guardian:

Stuart Duffy: Great player and great person

Bill Bates: Dirty git

Carol Bromley: Always a wire paul great player and later a coach

Mark Sanders: All time fav!!! Cullen bleeds wire

Tony Yeomans: Cull is a WIRE through and through, just a pity he didn't win a trophy when he was our coach

Steve Wilding-Hewitt: A gentleman off the pitch. Never forgets a face and never ever denies anyone approaching him for a picture or autograph. This Legend will always be remembered at "The Wire" long after we are all pushing up daisies.

Warrington Guardian: