A DEDICATED teen has donated 23 defibrillators to his community, raising almost £40k – but he is not stopping there.

Aidan Jackson has been fundraising for defibrillators for the Halton community since August 2018, and now he is donating one for Time Square in Warrington town centre after a request for support.

He is also hoping to reach a total of 25 despite having his own health difficulties, including AHD, asperges and epilepsy.

The 19-year-old’s recent fundraising event for his 23rd defibrillator was held over the Christmas holidays and after a request for support, one will now be donated for Time Square in Warrington town centre.



The event was held on December 18 and proved extremely popular with the community, with guests treated to hotdogs, mince pies, hot chocolate and mulled wine.

Aidan, from Widnes, held a raffle and tombola, with prizes donated by the community, and younger guests were given books and selection boxes which Aidan purchased with his own money.

Guests were entertained by Warrington BSL Choir, Lucy Webster, Samba Mundo, D’ukes of Halton, an Xbox van from Game Stream and many more.

Aidan also organised two Christmas trees, donated by Halebank Farm Shop and Bold Heath Garden Centre, where people could hang their wishes and messages to loved ones who are no longer with us.


The event raised an impressive £813, with further donations from HomeSmart Lettings Ltd, CWU Greater Mersey Branch and Kilwaughter Minerals.

Along with £250 donation from the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund, this meant that Aidan had enough funds to order community defibrillator number 23.

Despite having an initial plan to fundraise for just one in the local area, Aidan’s tally now stands at:

• 23 community defibrillators

• Three portable defibrillators

• A cabinet to enable the Parklands to have their onsite defibrillator accessible to the community.

This has all cost around £40,000 and Aidan is extremely grateful to the community for their continued support.



Aidan said: “A huge thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support my fundraising journey.

"Without your support none of this would have been possible.

"The community defibrillators are being accessed regularly following calls to emergency services.

"This could mean that the defibrillator is on standby in case it is needed but we have also had several of the defibrillators used in emergency situations and while we don’t get told of the outcome due to confidentiality it is so rewarding to know that we as a community have made sure the equipment was on hand to help save a life.”

Unfortunately, Aidan suffered two seizures over the Christmas period which led to an A&E admission.

Following tests and treatment he was allowed home and has now taken some time to recover.

He is hoping to be back at work in the next couple of weeks.

Two members of the public, Nathan Brady and Nicola Brady, have now decided to fundraise in order to help to buy an Apple Watch with epilepsy alerts for Aidan.

This will mean that any further seizures are detected and alerts will be sent out to his emergency contacts and emergency services if needed.