A NEW pizza takeaway is opening in Fearnhead that is the next step for a family business which has been a staple of Warrington’s Italian food scene since the 1990s.

Donatello, which opened on Orford lane in 1996 when Khalid Boujibar moved to the area from Morocco and used a grant off his father-in-law to open the business, has been operated by his Padgate-born son’s Sam and Adam Boujibar in recent years.

Now, along with their plans to keep building the Donatello brand, the pair – who have both worked at Donatello’s from being teenagers – are set to open a takeaway pizzeria in Fearnhead named Don Quattro.

Stools are available to customers to sit down while they are waiting but the owners stress that it is a takeaway that will provide deliveries within a two-mile radius.

Former Birchwood High School and Woolston Primary school pupil Sam is ever so proud to take Donatello’s to a new level.

He said: “My dad worked really hard after coming from nothing. Now my dad is retired and me and my brother have taken over the restaurant and we are so proud.

“My dad was very hard working but he didn’t want to expand the business. He just wanted one business whereas me and my brother want to keep getting bigger and bigger with bigger plans. This is the first of hopefully a few takeaways.


A look inside the new Fearnhead takeaway

A look inside the new Fearnhead takeaway


“My parents have four children so the Quattro is for me and my siblings. Don is just to maintain a bit of the name for Donatello.”

The idea first emerged around a year ago when the business was a success as a takeaway over the pandemic.

The 28-year-old added: “We are absolutely ecstatic to open it. When we started doing deliveries and the response was overwhelming from our customers.

“Because the restaurant has been built as a restaurant, it’s not really effective as a takeaway because everything takes so long.

“Me and my brother got together and said ‘we need to do something about this and open up a separate takeaway’.

“It’s going to be a reduced menu from the restaurant whilst maintaining our most popular dishes.

“We will also have a new state-of-the-art pizza oven with a rotating floor.


Stools are available to sit on while awaiting your order

Stools are available to sit on while awaiting your order


“It just makes the pizzaiolo job a lot easier and produces a higher quality pizza.”

The takeaway is set to open in the middle of February.