TAKE a look inside the somewhat ‘undiscovered’ bar in Lymm.

Vago Champagne and Beauty Lounge, which can be found on Eagle Brow, has been open for a matter of months and yet some still residents are unaware as to how it looks.

Imre Vago took over the project in May and spent time smartening it up to serve champagne, spirits, wines and mixed drinks.

Now, it is just a case of bringing in more customers.

Imre, who lives in Great Sankey with his wife Dawn and their son, said: “Yes perhaps it is undiscovered. The location is very good and central, but yes it is undiscovered yet.

“It’s a new business and I’m new here.

“It took a while to get it in the form and shape that it is now but think it’s turned out to be pretty nice.

“The guests who are coming in really like it and they have complimented it. They labelled it as an upmarket bar in Lymm which is nice as it’s the style that I like to represent and work with.

“I am very thankful for those who have already visited and stopped by.”

Imre, who moved to the area in 2013, wants to add to drinking experience that the village already has to offer.


The bar area in Vago

The bar area in Vago

Where guests can sit inside

Where guests can sit inside


The 45-year-old continued: “My goal is to have a consistent trade. Just to run a weekend business wouldn’t make it. The goal is to be busier on the weekdays as well.

“I’m considering myself as a new addition to the village rather than a competitor. I want to move away from that.

“I came to be something different that does not yet exist. I didn’t want to be another bar, or business that already exists."

Imre took on the bar following the unit’s usage as a beauty salon. The name has confused some members of the public and led them to think it is a salon where you can have a drink.

“We are trying to post on social media to make it more obvious that this is a bar.

“I try to make sure that the audience is aware that this is a bar. It’s for everybody.”

And for those that have visited, the concept and design has been well received.

“When I agreed to the lease, I couldn’t picture what it is going to be yet as it was fully kitted out to be a beauty salon – the place didn’t look like this,” added Imre.

“It’s a journey which I decided to go on. There has been up and downs but the place is fully open and the service and interior is the way I like to function and the style I represent.


How Vago Champagne and Beauty looks inside

How Vago Champagne and Beauty looks inside

More seating inside the bar

More seating inside the bar

“I designed everything myself and it’s a one-man show so far. It can be difficult to make decisions alone but so far it feels like I made quite a few good decisions and I stand by that.

“I wouldn’t put anything on my menu which is not up to the quality level that I would expect to receive.”

And to bolster the business, Imre wants to provide his own take on midweek events.

Imre, who was born in Budapest, said: “I will be doing a wine tasting event on a Wednesday which I want to start to do regularly to boost weekday trading.

“I think I just want to stay with sparkling wines, champagne’s and prosecco’s because other places to wine tasting already and I don’t want to interfere or be a new business who is taking away customers from others.

“I want to join in, be part of the business community and the local community rather than competing with anybody and that is really important for me.

“Right now, the goal is to work and to get more trade.”

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