TEN Pride Performance Gym competitors came home from the British Weightlifting Championships with gold medals.

Further success was achieved with three silver and bronze medals as well as two fourth-place finishes.

Under 17s 102+kg competitor David Smith led the way, not only being crowned British champion but setting three youth British records in the process with the added recognition of gaining selection for the Team GB youth squad.

It is all the latest cause for celebration for a club quickly becoming one of the best in the country in weightlifting, led by co-owners, coaches and competitors Andy Griffiths and Heather Flannery.

The club's results in the British Championships held in Harrogate, with the entrants competing in two lifts – snatch, plus clean and jerk:

Under 10s: Under 30kg, Phoebe Hodgson, gold; -45kg, Elizabeth Sorbie, gold; -55kg, Fraser Ruddock, gold.

Under 12s: -61kg, Robbie Simpson, gold; 87kg+, Lola Blake, gold.

Under 15s: -61kg, Finlay Brooks, bronze; -67kg, Sam Kilgannon, 4th; -64kg, Martha Bailey, gold; -64kg, Darcy Ruddock, silver; -71kg, Elli McEvatt, gold.

Under 17s: 102+kg, David Smith, gold (3 youth British records).

Under 20s: -102kg, Olly Godwin, gold; -71kg, Grace Batey, 4th.

Under 23s: 87kg+, Jess Swindells, gold.

A feature of Phoebe's success is that the nine-year-old is a gymnast who is part of the Pride Barbell Cubs recreational classes for ages 7-11, while the rest of those who participated are in competitive squads.

Elizabeth, Fraser, Robbie, Lola, Finn and Sam are all in Pride's development squad which provides a setting for young athletes to become competitive lifters.

Martha, Darcy, Elli, David and Olly are part of the club's Academy, a weightlifting squad in which all of the athletes are of national or international standard for their age group and all aiming for international selection.

Some of them have already done so, with Elli McEvatt having competed at the Youth Under 17s World Championships in 2020 at just age 14.

Pride Performance are the only British Weightlifting Talent Academy in the north west, with multiple national athletes and numerous British records being held in different age and weight classes.

Two of their members are currently aiming for Commonwealth Games 2022 selection, coach Andy Griffiths and Amy Salt who are both aiming to qualify by competing early next year to secure their spot in Birmingham.