TIME to say goodbye to 2021 with 'Ode to a Year of Hits, Misses and Farewells'.


With regards to Warrington sport,

We've given 2021 some thought,

Fans got to see live action again,

Bringing atmosphere back to Wolves' den,

Seasons got finished at a difficult time,

Covid wasn't the winner this year in my mind,

It still wasn't our year after all,

The Wire suffered another fall,

No cups or play-offs run,

Very little primrose and blue fun,

Inglis' move never really worked out,

And Wire fans grew disgruntled throughout,

But others brought a fair bit of glee,

Such as Rylands winning at Wembley,

And oh what joy in Tokyo,

With our swimmers' rodeo,

Guy and Dawson brought home gold,

An Olympics first for a town so old,

Glover was another to row for the nation,

Vermiglio brought us Chorley FA Cup jubilation,

A world title for Bonner in MMA,

Nicholas got his MBE along Windsor way,

Rudge skippered England at the HJ,

Along with helping Saints to keep the rest at bay,

Her old school pal Cunningham, named Woman of Steel,

So the year does have a positive feel,

That's despite saying goodbye to some treasured friends,

Hunt, Fulton and Brindle just a few who met life's tragic end,

Wire's Price, Briersy and Hendo have all moved on,

And Town's Carden is another to have gone,

For the incoming Powell, Beesley and all,

2022 is another year to try having a ball,

And as life moves in a new direction,

At clubs which are held with such affection,

Maybe this will be the year of dreams coming true,

Certainly a trophy lift at Old Trafford is well overdue

Written by Mike Parsons