THE extraordinary efforts of Covid-19 vaccinators in Warrington have been praised and recognised by the Prime Minister.

In a private video call, Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie met with Dr Laura Mount and her vaccination team, including volunteers from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

During the call, he found out more about the vaccination programme in Warrington and the lengths staff are going to in order to ensure a widespread protection against coronavirus.

The Prime Minister also thanked vaccinators for the ‘exhausting work’ they are doing to protect residents.

He said: “This Christmas will be significantly better than last year thanks to the work you do.

“I know you must be exhausted. It was a massive ask that we asked of you, but you and the public have responded brilliantly. It is an amazing thing you are doing.”

It comes after Mr Johnson hailed the work done by the town’s vaccinators in his public briefing, singling out the work done by Dr Mount and her team, who he named ‘jab heroes’.

More than 118,000 vaccinations have been administered across Warrington, with more than 30,000 boosters given since the Government opened the jab to everyone aged 18 and over on 12 December 2021.

Dr Mount, who is a GP at Folly Lane Medical Centre and clinical director of Central and West Warrington Primary Care Network, thanked the Prime Minister for his kind words.

Prime Minister Boris JOhnson receives his Covid booster vaccination (Image: PA)

Prime Minister Boris JOhnson receives his Covid booster vaccination (Image: PA)

She said: “I am exceptionally proud of the work done by my team to protect as many people as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am equally proud to have it recognised by the Prime Minister.

“The vaccination programme has been a huge challenge, but one we have risen to.

“The Covid-19 vaccine is the best way of protecting yourself and your loved ones from serious illness and hospitalisation, and we know the booster is able to protect against the new variant.

“We also know a wave of infection is coming, so do not put off getting your vaccine – book yours as soon as you get your invitation from the NHS or look on ‘grab a jab’ to see where you can just come along and get your jab.

“That way, you will protect yourself and those around you now.”

Around 25,000 of the 118,000 Warrington jabs have been given by clinically trained vaccinators provided by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service since the start of the pandemic.

Station manager Andy Gray is co-ordinating the service’s support to the booster vaccination effort across Cheshire.

He took part in the call with the Prime Minister alongside colleague Kirsty Jennings, a governance officer who is one of more than 70 staff to step up as vaccinators.

Andy Gray and the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service staff assisting at the Covid vaccination centre at Orford Jubilee Hub in the summer

Andy Gray and the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service staff assisting at the Covid vaccination centre at Orford Jubilee Hub in the summer

Andy said: “Although it is very different to our day jobs, firefighters and fire staff have been motivated to support this programme because they recognise the life-saving difference it is making to our communities.

“In that respect, it is not so different to what we trained to do. It is a privilege to work side by side with our hardworking NHS colleagues and support them in whatever way we can.”

Dr Andrew Davis, clinical chief officer of NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, also wished to praise the efforts of all vaccination staff and volunteers.

He added: “We are extremely proud of how all our local teams across Warrington have risen to the challenge and of what they have achieved since the start of the pandemic.

“I would like to thank Laura and everyone else involved in the vaccination programme, including all the volunteers, health and care providers and wider stakeholders for the vital they work they have done – and continue to do – to keep people safe.

“I urge everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated – we have lots of walk-in appointments across Warrington or you can book online or via the text from your GP practice.”

In line with national guidance, there must be at least a three-month gap between your second jab and your booster vaccination. 

In Warrington, booster vaccinations are being delivered at a number of local locations to make access easier.

If eligible, you can arrange your booster vaccination by attending walk-in clinic, booking via the National Booking Service or by calling 119, responding to an invitation from the NHS or booking via the Warrington Hospital booking page.