WARRINGTON has been named the second least ‘Christmassy’ town/city in the UK after spending a reported £17,886 on Christmas decorations. 

And yes we know the town is not a city – it has just been used in the catagory due to the size.

This research from Christmas Tree World has revealed the towns/cities that put the least effort into being Christmassy. 

The study looked at the amount spent on decorations/lights switch on, annual searches for Christmas trees and festive hashtag mentions.

As well as the spending on decorations, with 14,940 annual searches for Christmas trees and 41 festive hashtag mentions - some of the lowest number of mentions and Google searches - Warrington comes in with a festive score of 2.14 making it the second least festive area in the UK.

Peterborough was ranked as the least festive place scoring 1.92.

Following Warrington was Slough with a score of 2.30, Middlesbrough with 2.31 and Aberdeen coming out with a score of 2.39.

Portsmouth, Nottingham, Gloucester, Wolverhampton, Swansea and Bournemouth were placed sixth to 10th.